About Us





CrossRoads Mission is a non-profit, neighborhood ecumenical Christian mission to support members of the community.  The mission opened its doors January 23, 2007 at first in a location on sixth street and after the devastation of the epic 2008 floods, the mission established temporary offices, while moving forward to establish a permanent home. On March 3, 2009 the mission moved to its new home at 1006 2nd Street SW, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  CrossRoads Mission currently supports over 4,500 family units representing approx. 12,000 people, 49% of which are children; and the new registrations continue to arrive each week.

Diakonos Mission, Inc. was incorporated as a State of Iowa non-profit corporation on November 10, 2006, d/b/a CrossRoads Mission.  The mission’s Form 1023 was approved and CrossRoads Mission is an IRS 501 c (3) public charity. The Board of Directors filed on June 26,2015 to officially rename the corporation to CrossRoads Mission, Inc. and papers were filed by our corporate attorney to make that happen with the Secretary of State of Iowa.

The mission is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time and talents to serve the community.  The directors meet once a month to set policy and oversee the financial integrity of Crossroads Mission. Pastor Pat Kane, is the founder and first planted the mission in 2006, is the mission’s Pastor, board member, and Executive Director, reporting to the Board of Directors . 

Staff, and the heart and soul of the mission are the volunteers who assist in daily activities.  They meet and welcome guests to the mission; assist with directions on their receiving clothing and food.  They make referrals for guests to see the administrative assistant.  More importantly they are the Christian listening post as they live out their Christian discipleship.  In this capacity they tell the mission’s story, and listen to the guest’s stories to determine how best to help our guests.  They also hold conversations with our guests about their faith, and our connections to Bible study, pre-baptism counseling, pre-marriage counseling, and the worship service which is each Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.; and when the pastor is not available a hymn sing along with Bible study is held.  When guests feel comfortable in their new Christian faith, we help them to find a new church home as CrossRoads Mission itself does not have a permanent congregation for long-term worship.  

In no way do these conversations about religion have an impact on our guests receiving all mission services and only take place once their temporal needs are met based upon their need and mission resource availability.  Any guest who indicates they do not desire to have a conversation about religious activity at the mission, all staff and volunteers will immediately terminate the conversation in a pleasant and respectful manner; then when the guest is ready to depart the mission they will always be cheerfully invited back if they need to use our services in the future.  We are an ecumenical emergency mission, and since our beginning we have helped people from all faith communities.  Our current demographics show that 50% of our guests have not been baptized and have never been churched;  46% tell us they have been baptised and have never been churched or currently not churched; and 4% are actively churched at the current time.